Interview with “Slightly Stoopid” on Upcoming Lahaina Concert

The band Slightly Stoopid is returning to Maui with a show on May 21st at the Lahaina Civic Center. Describing their music as a fusion of acoustic rock and blues with reggae, hip-hop, and punk, they are one of the hottest bands around and will soon be kicking off a huge summer tour called Legalize It 2010.

The show begins at 7pm on Friday, May 21st, at the Lahaina Civic Center (1840 Honoapiilani Highway). For more information see the Facebook Event or purchase tickets on Flavorus.

Recently, was able to chat with Slightly Stoopid drummer Ryan Mora, or "Rymo" to those who are keeping up. What do you look forward to most regarding coming to Maui for the Lahaina performance?

Rymo: I’m looking forward to having a great show. It’ll be our first time playing at the civic center. I’m really stoked to eat some plate lunch and go surfing. Who surfs in the group and do you plan to surf on Maui?

Rymo: About 4 of 7 of us surf. We are planning to get some waves while there. Hopefully there will be some fun ones. What are your plans for your next album? Anything in the works or do you prefer to just tour for now?

Rymo: We are doing tons of recording at our studio in San Diego. We are looking to release something around spring of 2011. We’ll be on the road all summer and fall. This summer you’ll be touring with Steel Pulse, The Expendables, Cypress Hill, and Collie Buddz. Is there one of those in particular you really look forward to touring with? Have you played with any of them previously?

Rymo: We’ve toured with The Expendables a bunch over the years and they are on our record label, Stoopid Records. I have seen Steel Pulse and Cypress Hill a couple times on festivals, I’m looking forward to hanging out and partying with them. I’ve never seen Collie Buddz and am looking forward to meeting and touring with them too. Slightly Stoopid made it to a lot of places with your tours in 2009, including a big European tour. This year is looking to be quite busy as well. What do you enjoy most about the extensive touring and what is the most difficult part?

Rymo: We have been touring heavily for years and at this point we are familiar with the road. It’s part of our work to be traveling non-stop. The thing I enjoy the most about traveling is just seeing the world and trying different foods. The most difficult part is just being away from your family and loved ones, and your house. When you are bouncing from hotel to hotel and city to city, it’s easy to feel spun out and ungrounded. People think it’s all a big party and easy to do, but there are certain pressures and difficulties that aren’t seen by the public.

Please try to make it out to the event and show Slightly Stoopid how much Maui and Lahaina appreciates their visit!

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