Front Street

Lahaina Front StreetIn the 1800s, Lahaina was fought over by whalers and missionaries, who were constantly battling over the lax morals of the whaling outposts and raucous taverns that were scattered along the port. Front Street was home to these outposts.

Today, Front Street remains the main thoroughfare for Lahaina, although looking quite differently than back in its whaling days. Instead of raucous taverns and whaling outposts, the streets are lined with great restaurants, shopping, art galleries and plenty of sight seeing and people watching.

Although Front Street has toned it down from its past lewd behavior, there is still plenty of fun to be had. There are plenty of bars and clubs for those night owls interested in having some drinks after the sun sets. Some of the best bars and clubs on Front Street include:

Lahaina Halloween

One of the best nights of the year on Front Street and the premier party for Hawaii, Lahaina Halloween is a must experience. Attendees to the huge party on Front Street wear colorful and eventful costumes and party the night away in style under the beautiful Maui stars. Click here for more information on Lahaina's Halloween. Click here for more information on Lahaina's Halloween.

Lahaina Historic Trail

From being the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom to its whaling days, Lahaina has a rich history. Because of Lahaina’s heritage, the town put together a walking trail so visitors could walk in the footsteps of Lahaina’s past. Click here for more information on the Lahaina Historic Trail.

Hawaiian Art Galleries

Lahaina is the “art capital of the pacific” and Front Street is lined with number of galleries for all of you art enthusiasts. We recommend taking a walk on Front Street and passing by all of the galleries or browsing through our Front Street Art Gallery directory to find one that best suits what you are looking for. Also, make sure to check out our events section as many of the art galleries will have special events at their galleries periodically. Click here for more information on Lahaina and its Hawaiian Art Galleries.