Lahaina Parking

Parking in Lahaina is a lesson in patience and fortitude. The most thrifty – and stubborn – could drive around for hours in search of free street parking, stalking unsuspecting tourists and locals who may or may not be willing to part with their spots soon. For those less inclined to waste time, there are pay lots available, but everyone will need to keep a close eye on the time as there are limits – and fees for those that go over. It’s those that plan ahead and do their research that win the parking game. In Lahaina, it’s not who you know, but what you know that counts.

Park for Free

Most of the experts agree that the early bird gets the parking worm. Arriving between 9-10 a.m. will lend you the best chance of getting a free spot on Front Street. (Again, watch your time limits here.) If you park at Lahaina Center, Whaler’s Village or Wharf Cinema Center, you don’t have to pay if you patronize one of the stores that call those areas home. So it’s not technically free, but chances are you were going to buy something souvenir - like at Hilo Hattie’s in Lahaina Center - anyway, so why not take advantage of the parking validation. The Lahaina Center also offers the longest free parking time with validation – up to four hours. Some of the restaurants, like Ruth Chris Steakhouse (among others) will validate your parking in Lahaina Center as well, usually up to two hours. Check when you make your reservations if your favorite restaurant will comp your parking.

Pay to Park

There are an abundance of pay lots, ranging in cost from a mere 50 cents to $10. Some are pay-by-hour, some are all-day parking. Most of these lots now have electronic machines for payments. The machines accept credit cards so that you do not spend time stuffing bills into slots or searching under the couch cushions for extra change. The process is quite simple as explained by the video below:

If you forget, there are simple instructions on the machine.

  1. Park and remember your stall number
  2. Input your stall number into the machine
  3. Select the time duration you wish to pay for
  4. Swipe your credit card or pay cash
  5. Place the ticket back on your dashboard

Find the lots here:

  1. Underground at 505 Front Street Shopping Center
  2. On Front Street, between Papalaua and Lahainaluna
  3. On Luakini Street, one near the intersection of Prison Street and one near the intersection of Lahainaluna Road
  4. On Lahainaluna Road between Wainee and Front Streets
  5. On Dickenson Street between Wainee and Luakini

Here is an interactive Google map highlighting many of the parking lots in Lahaina:

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