Lahaina Snorkeling

lahaina snorkeling

The Hawaiian islands are known for their crystal clear waters and the abundance of beautiful creatures living just below the surface.  As a result, one of the most popular activities for visitors to Hawaii is snorkeling – something that can easily be done by young and old, families and couples. Visitors can expect to see a wide variety of tropical fish and more – from  colorful parrotfish that can be found on almost every reef to rays, octopus  and the fascinating sea turtles that are commonly seen throughout the islands.
There are two main options for those who want to go Snorkeling in Hawaii– “Do it yourself” snorkeling, and Snorkeling Charters. For DIYers, there are many shops that will rent snorkeling gear and point you to a beach where you can explore start exploring.  Renting gear (snorkel, fins, mask) will generally cost less than $20 per person per day.  While renting your own equipment is a less expensive option and provides more flexibility,  you are on your own and may not always see the same quality of fish as you would  on a charter. (And remember - snorkeling can be a dangerous activity - it is extremely important to always snorkel with someone else, and to watch for local warnings about water conditions).
Snorkeling charters can be found on every island, and while there is usually plenty of competition for customers, the charters still run from around $50 - $140 per person, depending on the length of the trip and the size of the boat. Some charters hold more than 50 people (which can sometimes make the snorkeling a bit crowded), and others are more personal and only take a handful of visitors out at a time. Additionally, some charters have more of a party feel to them, as the trips home (once the snorkeling is done)  take on a booze-cruise atmosphere.
Whichever option you choose for your snorkeling adventure – you are sure to have an exciting time watching the world beneath the waves.
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