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Lahaina waterfront

1/21/12 by Leslie Osborne Waterfront, Lahaina (taken 12/22/06)

Past winners

Maui Whales

02/11/09 by Brodrock Maui Whale Tail 


03/20/09 by Skaines Lahaina Harbor 



Samoan Fire Eater

04/01/09 by The Troendles' Samoan Fire Eater

humpback whale

05/04/09 by Hampstead_99 Humpback Whale


06/02/09 by sfchef Waves Crashing

Grand Wailea Sunset

07/01/09 by spoorbeezy Lanai Sunset


08/01/09 by Jamarlyn Wailea Maui Sunset

Maui Luau

09/11/09 by Laska Moja Lahaina Luau

10/06/09 by EdZa Lahaina Harbor

11/02/09 by Galen Goode West Mauis

12/01/09 by Diann Corbett Botanical Garden, Hana