Maui Lei Greeting

Aloha! Arrive on Maui with a traditional Hawaiian fresh flower lei greeting! Start your Hawaiian vacation the right way as these fresh native flowers make you feel special in Maui's tropical setting.

When you arrive on Maui, look for your lei greeting representative at the first non-secured area and receive your wonderful island greeting. Treat yourself to one of the traditional single-strand leis, featuring beautiful, fresh local orchids.

The history of the lei dates back to the ancient Hawaiians, who wore braided leaves, native flowers, shells, feathers, stones and bones to beautify themselves. They often offered these garlands to each other and to their gods as a symbol of love and friendship. The lei was treasured and worn with pride by people of every age.

Leis are still carefully made by hand, weaving fragrant, colorful flowers and leaves together to create a work of art. Leis are worn on all special occasions and given to family and friends as gifts of love. Indeed, the lei is a symbol of Hawaii.



Maui Lei Greeting