Pali Sea Cliff Kayak Discovery

A kayak with a view! Cruise along the stunning sea cliff shore off the Pali where you'll be treated to some of Maui's most scenic coastline and exceptional snorkeling.

Lunch is served along the way on a remote beach where you'll enjoy the simplicity of your experience.

This adventure, a great trip with remote snorkeling sites, offers truly fantastic views of the cliffs and shoreline in an area rarely seen by visitors. It is during the round trip towards the lighthouse that you'll stop and snorkel in a couple of great spots. Explore the tropical marine life and fantastic coral reefs.

Enjoy a shoreline deli style lunch while gazing at the picturesque sights of the island. The paddle continues along the scenic shoreline where you'll admire the sharp cliffs, surrounded by stunning reefs, lead into the waters.

Please Note:

* Paddling distance is 5.5 miles

* This tour is not suitable for children aged 11 years and under



Pali Sea Cliff Kayak Discovery