Turtle Reef Kayak Tour

This fun and educational tour starts at Makena Landing and paddles around the bay area.

The calm clear ocean is perfect for various water activities including swimming, snorkeling and animal watching. Float next to peaceful turtles and admire the stunning tropical underwater world. Leave all worries behind and join this unique Hawaiian experience.

This trip is planned as a leisurely paddle around Makena Bay available to all ability levels and ages 5 and up. Whether it's your first time on a kayak or if you're an experienced paddler, this Hawaiian adventure is a wonderful experience. Highlights include snorkeling with the endangered green sea turtle and wonderful views of Haleakala.

Please Note:

* Paddling distance is 2.5 miles (4km)

* This tour is not suitable for children aged 4 years and under



Turtle Reef Kayak Tour